23. juli 2008

Peppes pizza

we tested our new resteurant after some shopping last week...

our capture :D (flip flops for only 10 NOK :D)

delicious pizza :D

we tested out our new resteurant last week... delicious pizza :D

20. juli 2008


can't find my camera, and i'm really keen to blog about my absolutely FAVOURITE jewel!! It's my grandmas old tape in a rope, and i just L.O.V.E it :D

soo, i found this pic for you instead x) at least i think it's kind of funny :P

19. juli 2008

Maritas woderfull photoblog!

I wanna introduce you for maritas wonderfull photoblog! She really shootes good photos with interesting light, a nice composition and lovely colours. If you look trough her pictures,it's impossible not to just love her work! Give her a comment of what you think so she can be even better(if that's possible ;) and happily continue to shoot this great pictures :)

some of her work:

16. juli 2008

A film we made last summer :P

i warn you.. its scary ;)


Got a Donal Duck cartoon from one of the pasients today, since this is my last week at work :D

I've conclude with that to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning is not the problem.. It's to get not too late in bed the evening before that is the hard part :/

i figure out i get 106 NOK/hour, so my paying will be like 19 000 :D
(i tought i would have around 12 000 ^^) AMEN!!

2 days left, and my vacation starts 4 real!

Meet Kalve<3.. mine and Elisabets summerlove last year ;D


..we were going to pick some blueberry after work.. We were in a good mood, and even tough it had rained all day, we could now wear a t-shirt without getting cold.. So off we went! :D Up in the wood where the blueberry bushes waited for us! And we where there for like ten whole minutes before we gave up.. xP We decided to get to the shop and buy some berrys there instead.. cause we had to make our pai!! :P And there where like 400 g berrys for lik 25 NOK or something..! We had been in the wood for ten minutes, and we have picked nearly 2 dl x) I hope it's a well paid job to pick berrys... :P

Our pies were really good! i had a smily on mine :D a nice evening(:

13. juli 2008

why God accept pain..

A man went to a hair dresser to get his hair cut. While the hair cutter worked, they began to talk. They talked about lots of different things, and when they came to the theme "God", the hair dresser said: "I don't believe God exists". "Why?" asked the customer. "Because you only needs to walk out in the street to see that he do not exists. Tell me, if God existed, would there be so many sick people? Would there be so many abandoned children? If God existed there wouldn't be pain and suffering. I can't imagine a God who accept these things." The customer tought a second, but decided to not say anything. He didn't want to start a fight.
The Hair Dresser finished his work, and the customer left the shop. The second after he had left, he saw a man with long, dirty and ugly hair. He looked filthy and scabby.
Then the customer went back to the Hair Dresser and told him that there don't exist any Hair Dressers. "How can you say that?" replied the hair dresser suprised. "I'm right here, and I'm a hair dresser. I just did your hair!"
"No!" said the customer. "Because if there did, there would not be people with long, dirty and ugly hair, like the man I just saw!"
"But hair dressers EXIST! That's just what happens to them if they don't come to me!"
"That's the point!" said the customer."God exist too, and that's what happens if they don't come to talk to him and ask for his help! That's why there's so much pain and suffering in the world."

10. juli 2008

ei smellekta vaskjekjærring!

Im getting scared... Im on a good way to develope into an old crazy cleaning lady :P Its more fun to work these days, with Juni and Veronika there, who is almost my age. We have been experts in cleaning, so now we can take seriously long breaks, and still get done with our work! Today we had like 1 1/2 hour "breakfast break" After 1 1/2 hour work...(we didn't start working before half eight, even tough we where there at seven...) And for lunch we sat there for an hour.. :P We have found this cosy spot on the gras, its perfect when there is so nice weather :D i dont mind working in summer when you get paid for breaks^^

We have also found our favourite mop.. :P its only one and it's outstanding ;D

The pasients on my post starts to getting more and more anoying... i have to start telling them to stop and such.. i dont like that, but i have to make some lines for what i can allowed. So i think there will be no more hugs for me by this people.. :P But maybe that's for the better...

Tomorrow we're going to make smoothie in the lunch.. :D Im really looking forward to it, cause it's always so cosy in the fridays :)

But now im off to enjoy the sun.. :D See yah!

8. juli 2008

malene loves the seaside festival<3

It was fantastic! And as usuall after a big camp like this, it turned out to be one of the best weeks in my life :D The music wasn't the best all the time, but HELLO there was lots of fun!! Georgeous people, the best weather and big bright smiles everywhere! :) Got to know some new fantastic people, and to catch up with some old:D Spent the week bathing, playing volleyball, dancing(at the disco, oh yeah), go to conserts and meetings and just chilling ang hangin around:D Our tent was like over 600 m from "centrum" where everything was.. so since we walked to our camp and back again a couple of times every day i'm in great shape now :P
When i'm writing this i still have this great camp-feeling, even though ive been early up and have worked for two days.. I miss it, and there's no doubt i will go back next year!! see you there? :D

The main scene... :P
My crazy friends marthe og ida! Love them!

Paul Coleman consert i think.. :P He was great!!

haha, this is so nice:P hildegunn said: like david and goliat in the bible! Even though David is goliat and janne is david x)

we leaved them there... ( until a crazy readhead let them out :/:P )

our camp and kitchen this week.. :D On this pic it was tidy... :P