28. august 2008

Gotta catch em' all, POKÈMON! :D

SNORLAXMy favourite pokemon^^

27. august 2008

Erik is comming:D

Our favourite sweedish man is coming visiting us in a very short time, and I can't say how much I'm looking forward:D:D This pic is from Easter last year when we went visiting him and his folks... As u can see we had a fight here, and Norway,of course, was the winner ;D

25. august 2008

Class outing

This weekend my class went on a kayak trip to visit an old village where no one have lived the last fifty years. There's no road leading there, so we had to go there by boat/kayak. We visited an old man to, who has been on TV. He lives in the mountains an half hour walk from the little village. (Two hours due to the TV-program... And it only took us 30 minutes.. laazy people :P)
He was really sweet! He had lived there all his life, and had no wife. I could easily married him to succeed his old farm, cause it was absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L!
Love my class, it's amazingly fun to go together with u people!! :D:D<3

Jon Skår :)

Nice outfit!

Introuduciiiing: Arnfinn Baar, a guy I meet at KRIK Arena 2008. I liked his outfit!

17. august 2008

2 grade, here I come;)

tonight is the night.. The LAST evening this summer! I feel kind of sad and extremely happy at the same time..! It's sad that hot weather and long nights will be replaced by warm clothes and homework... But it'll be fun to learn new things and more German! :D and to get back to the rutines.. :) I love my school and my life here! :D
good luck to everyone starting school tomorrow...!

I'm not cool

a friend of mine showed me a really cool song, and searching on you tube I found a really cool video with it! :D It really underlines what this song is about.. Good lyrics, so listen carefully :) Introducing: I'm not cool-Scott Kippayne

13. august 2008

don't we just LOVE fashion?? :D

photo: ClothesHorse. Check out her profile on chictopia, or her blog

to all you crazy fashionfolks out there, i've found a really cool site for us:D check out www.chictopia.com ure able to check it out before u make u're own profile.. :)

JErry from Caribbean

spent some hours in Kvadrat( a shopping mall) in Stavanger last week, and when i was there i began to talk with a guy. His name was Jerry and he was on holiday in norway, visiting some people he had learned to know when they where in his country( can't remember wich..)
He could tell that there was some differents in our coultures. When a girl wear a baggy jeans down there, everybody thinks she's a lesbian :P And if a boy wear what we call is a normal jeans here, he is "gay" down there.. :P The normal pants for boys in his country are really big oversized jeans like the ones Eminem wears or something... :P And as we all know, norwegians seldom just talk to unknown people unless they have a really good reason or get talked to. Maybe we should take contact next time we meet some tourists, i think they would be happy for it! :)

..and if u're lucky and get to know them well,(and they're from an exotic place) u can come visit them sometime ;)

3. august 2008

summer in the city

how great isn’t it beein young, knowing you have ure whole life in front of you, just waited to be lived?? And the best part, only you can deside the direction and what YOU want it to contain :D Spend time on what you love, and remember life is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today! :)

Bought my glases on this pic a friday night out in Bergen with Joddlis. Only 200 NOK. They're 20 years old, designerglasses from ZNIRP. Made in W. Germany berfore the wall was broken, VINTAGE me like yes;)

1. august 2008

im on vacation...

and have better things to do then write her.. so i suggest that you too go out and enjoy the sun for at least to weeks and the fact that there is NO school and NO homework!! :D and after that i promise i'll be back on track very soon;)

im off to arena VERY soon :D