8. juli 2008

malene loves the seaside festival<3

It was fantastic! And as usuall after a big camp like this, it turned out to be one of the best weeks in my life :D The music wasn't the best all the time, but HELLO there was lots of fun!! Georgeous people, the best weather and big bright smiles everywhere! :) Got to know some new fantastic people, and to catch up with some old:D Spent the week bathing, playing volleyball, dancing(at the disco, oh yeah), go to conserts and meetings and just chilling ang hangin around:D Our tent was like over 600 m from "centrum" where everything was.. so since we walked to our camp and back again a couple of times every day i'm in great shape now :P
When i'm writing this i still have this great camp-feeling, even though ive been early up and have worked for two days.. I miss it, and there's no doubt i will go back next year!! see you there? :D

The main scene... :P
My crazy friends marthe og ida! Love them!

Paul Coleman consert i think.. :P He was great!!

haha, this is so nice:P hildegunn said: like david and goliat in the bible! Even though David is goliat and janne is david x)

we leaved them there... ( until a crazy readhead let them out :/:P )

our camp and kitchen this week.. :D On this pic it was tidy... :P

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