30. oktober 2008

Keep thy heart<3

Autumn is hard. Lots of school work that takes all the time, and NEVER comes to and end. You never get time to do the things you love, neither the things you should have done.. Like keep your room tidy and clean.. <- Big Problem!! :P Feels like you don't have enough time to your friends or anything.. The last week I have been thinking about a really important verse; "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

Or in Norwegian(more personal:p)
"Bevar ditt hjerte fremfor alt du bevarer, for livet går ut fra det!"

The last month I've been really exhausted, and felt like i was a living dead. Chased by all the stuff around me, and wasn't able to just relax or anything.. But now it's getting better. And in that stage I got remembered at this verse. And then, at a meeting some days ago he started to talk about exactly this verse. How you have to manage your life out of yourself(including your heart), and not by all the things that happens around you. And like that wasn't enough.. The morning after I was up early and had good time before breakfast.. So I spent some time praying and reading the bible. And as I turned my bible open in just a random spot, the same verse met my eyes. So I think I have to take the hint.. So from now on I will start to Keep my heart with all diligence ;) At least try :) Good stuff!

AND what I also think is very important this rainy, cold days with mountains of things to do. Give the Lord first mortgage, because: "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." AND "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Be blessed! You are loved by him, and he wants you to walk in green flower meadows<3

28. oktober 2008

KRIK Framnes

Vilkårelig KRIK samling..

It's now official! KRIK Framnes exists! :D First gathering will be at Thursday, and I'm really looking forward. There is going to me sports, games, fun and Jesus for everyone in high school at Framnes half eight! So, if you don't wanna miss something big, or just is curious.. BE THERE! ;) Very social and fun! Just ask everyone who knows what KRIK is. So if you haven't got the chance to be here( Framnes is kinda long away from people..:p) I'm sure there is a KRIK gathering near you ;D www.krik.no if you want to check it out... (:

And some bad news.. My Ipod haven't come yet.. :( And I have to contact Patrik.. yeah:P So that I can get it as soon as possible.. stress

26. oktober 2008


God loves me just as much when I sleep, as when I get good grades or do something very GoodChristianStuff... Means there is no pressure to be something more or something else then what you are. Pretty cool, eh? :)
have a nice day!

25. oktober 2008

Totally change of plans! And a new leather jacket

Sometimes, I have to say, I'm happy I'm a "P". An Extreme P... And for those who doesn't know what that means, it's like.. Your personality consists of four letters.. One of mine is P. You could be this letter in a very light way, or more extreme.. I would say I'm closer to extreme than light...

And now, what on earth does "P" mean?

It's like when you really don't mather if your plans is changing the minute before you should have done it.. Or you like to do things really spontaneously. OK, it's more complex than that.. But you get a little clue of what it means..

About a hour before I was going home for my long planned weekend, I change my planes and travelled to Stavanger 10 min after.. Yeah.. And I hadn't even packed my stuff... But it went good. Think Eirin's iPod saved me from the long trip, when I couldn't find my own mp3-player..(Thanks!!!!) You should have seen me, dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on the ferry dock. At least I made much fun :P Happy I didn't know anybody in the area.. Heeh B-)

It's raining outside...

Today I've spent time reading a magazine at a cafè with my dad.. :D liked it very much. And.. I've bought a too expencive jacket... BUT i liked it, and i needed a new one.. AND my daddy helped me with some money.. so I just had to :P (I really don't like to buy so much clothes anymore!! Believe it or not.. I'm going sick of this shopping/throwing culture..! Throwing up this very moment. And yes, I'm not so good at it myself either, but I'm trying.. Blæh. I'm gonna be a better person! :-)


Also visited a art museum today. It was exciting and fun. And you really get exhausted by so many exprecions and feelings you get :P Want to do it more often, I like art. So cool how different persons get their own feelings of each "thing/picture/film" they see, dependent by where you are in your life, what you have experienced and are thinking about. If you let it :) It should have been a subject at school. Maybe I study it later?
Tonight I'm looking forward to a crazy smoothie and biscuit, cheese and grapes. Mmmm (:

Aii.. don't like it when my blog turns out to be a diary..

But But, it's not Only only.. (As our proud ReallyKnownNorwegianHotelPersonThatHisNameICan'tRemember says.. x)

22. oktober 2008

dudududu(8) Foreign Language- Anberlin :D

I'm tired of Framnes now... Feels like the only thing I do here is homework, or thinking about that I should have done some homework.. Almost every subject is graduate.. :S

But some light spots are there to! Yesterday 43 people accepted salvation and 2 got healed at my school! That actually is kind a cool :D AND this weekend its a night cup at home. So I and Elisabet are going to lead the show. OH YEEAH :P
And of course fantastic five are going to play the sh** out of the rest of the teams.. ehe.. :P

God is great people!
dreaming of the autumnvacation...

Me and Hildegunn on our way up to the sexy statue of Ole Bull. Grr

Afterwards we met MArthe og Ida and went to Hillsong Bergen. So nice!

She's just showing off.. I beat her. Easy..

Don't we just L.O.V.E the escalator!:P *RememberingTheBadManOnTheTopThatWasn'tSoBadAfterAll*
laughing... xD

And of course the crazy swede who was there the whole time, taking pics of it all..
Don't worry.. He IS normal.. It just doesn't show in this pic (;
Thanks for visiting! Much fun :)


13. oktober 2008

oh Happyness!

today I've bought an Ipod :D:D:D hoho!
I think 120 GB will do ;)
and with "Owe no one anything, except to love each other" engraved on the back it can't be better! looking forward to when it arrives in my mail box(:

Now i have to get started with my homeworks.. big test tomorrow. asj

Maybe I've fixed a trustee that can come with me on the Big Bang Concert! Wee:D

Now I have to make a pray to get some more concentration, focus and awakeness, otherways I will never get through this evening alive |-) I'm sleeping alreadyzzz


I miss my dad. Like really, really miss him. Love you, daddy<3

1. oktober 2008

it's official - I'm back! ;D

(8)Last weeks song(8)

Ich bin Norwegich und spreche nicht gut Deutch,
Icg bin Norwegisch undt spresche nicht gut Deutch!
Bitte langsam, bitte langsam,
bitte sprechen sie dorh langsam,
ich bin Norwegisch und spreche nicht gut Deutch

We sang this in the streets of Germany, and it was so much fun:D

Sleeping princesses(in plural) ;)

hoho, i'm back! :P after a loong time, i know:P Since last time i have been to Germany, and it was absolutely amazing! (I promise to post a pic of my bike later, even though i don't make promises..!) cause now im going to tell something that happend in germany..

Lovely view in Frankfurt <- BIG city

:P I had thought about cut my hair when I were down there cause there is so nice prices.. So the second last day we walked pass a very cool hairdresser. It was all yellow, and the hairdressers there was really young and trendy. And as they nearly danced when they cutted hair and were spinning their sissores around their fingers as Luky Luke spinns his guns, the hot music filled the whole room. I just HAD to get my hair done here. :P So i ordered an hour, and a half hour later a was sitting in the chair asked what i wanted to do... I had no idea, but that i wanted to do something with my hair.. The hairdresser really wanted to colour my hair and i've thought about it before.. so since i first where there at this crazy place, i just trusted this guy.. So he showd me some colours, among others a red colour.. And I were like, whatever you do. DON'T put anything red in my hair, AT ALL! He was a littlebit dissapointed, but showed my something that looked like a light brown colour i coul have as highlights... so i said yes.. So they did their thing for one hour...two hours...three hours... and finally they where done with the colour and could start to cut my hair. And i just: woow, this is red! and pointed at the highlights... And he said: no, it's not red. I promise you. Me: No, this is red.. He: No, it's not! it's orange!! Me: DOOH!

Don't think they've heard of speed limits in germany.. :P

First, he had promised to use ca two hours, now it had went three.. The clock was now half past five, and at half past six I HAD to meet the others like 20 min away with the bus, and i had NO idea when the bus leaved...) And he hadn't begin to cut my hair... :P So when he said he could recolour my hair I just had to say no :P Cause there was no time.. And at the moment i didn't care much about my hair, just how angry my teacher would get if i came to late.. aj. So there where two hairdressers cutting my hair at the same time, and i was to close to pee on me.. (That was btw not just then, but the whoole time I was sitting there..:P) So when i finally had paid and could run to the bus i couldn't stay still, i just tripped around, longed for the toilet :P And when we AT LAST arrived the school(not too late :D) mt teacher weren't even there! There was noone there to lock up the school to the holy toilet, so i ran to the wood.. And of course I sat down on some nettles(burning bushes) and burned my but! YEAH!! Beat that.. orange hair and a burned (red)but, and i was on my way to Bunter Abend(means: colourful evening)... Safe home in Norway i'm starting to getting used to my hair and my but doesn't hurt anymore.. So i just miss germany and all the lovely people a lot:)

most of the people at the top of a long stone i can't remember the history behind... :P

Just for fun i wrote this text in orange...


i have to update, i knooow! :P But it's only that I have so much I want to say that I don't know where to start:P And since there is so much, and so little time at the moment, I keep to put it off...
But I've been to Germany and I've got my new bike, both where amazing! Now I'm just tired and miss Germany and my "new" family down there... Of course there is to much to do at school this week too... So I try to remember how it was to have a life between all the homework... and to evacuate with some episodes of One three hill now and then. I guess I'll be fine :)