28. juni 2008

Here comes the sun<3

ah, niiice weather today!! I would have like to welcome it with the beatles' song "here comes the sun" and a big smoothie!!(if i had one... :P) but i don't.. :( So i just continue to pack my stuff for Sg... :P What on earth am i going to bring?? aiai, its no good, i don't actually like to pack... :/

Haha, something fun happend today :P My schoolmate that shall join or ride to Sg tought we where about to travel today xp So i get this message that yeah, im on the bus now, see you later! (We shall meet in stavanger and sleep a day at my dad's house before going to arendal..) And I just wh00t!? NOW!! So he had to catch the next ferry back again and there his mother came to pick him up.. luckily he hadn't come that far :P

People; enjoy the day! i know i will... :D


In 1 1/2 hour have i been awake for 24 hours |-) think im heading for bed very soon. Actually this is the first time i can stay up, and dont bother to not be sleepy early next day! thats what i love about summer <3 no job next week!

Last night and today:)

Last night I and a buddy went to play tennis, but the field where taken so we had no choise but drive to Husnes--- We where there for like an half hour before we went to ica to buy some ice cream (at the same time it started raining..:P Just our luck...:P ) Therefore we figure out we're goin to watch EM.. so we went to his place with a pizza and just talked, played his brother real nice guitar and just chilled. A very nice evening :)

Today was my last day at work for a little while.. :P And my dad was in town, so he came and picked me up. After cleaning some clothes to next week, we went fishing :P I where a little sceptical cause i dont get fish very often.. that results in very few fishing toures.. :P But this time it was so cool! My dad showed me where to go, and I got like six fishes in only a little while! :D It was very cool! Afterwards we drove to eat dinner at grandma's. There i also started to sew on a shorts.. ill post a picture when its finish.. (: the evening i spent playing volleyball with some friends from my old class, very nice:)

My dad diggin for worms :S

our capture! :D

27. juni 2008

hey how!

I made this list over peeps I know that have a blog, and HELLO!!! Its many. so let us make som action here! Everyone loves to get comments, so lets get started :P Do the things to other, that you want them to do to you;) (I put in something from the bible there an early friday night, amnt i a good christian or not...0:) heeh :P

...and finally the sun came... enjoy it peeps, donno how long its goin to stay this time... PEACE!

26. juni 2008

nur vier tags left! :D

Skjærgårds e rett rundt hjørnet, og finally har eg satt meg ned for å finne litt mer ut av ka band det e mulighet for å få med seg... 1 ting har eg jaffal funne ut, og det e at det e UMULIG å velge ka konserter eg vil gå på! :P
Glede meg sooooooooo!! :D :D :D

22. juni 2008

great street fashion<3

Really cool site from london. check out -> Face Hunter

Street fashion from all over the world. Much inspiration! :) Street Pepper

Donno wich language this site is, but it's seriously cool pics in here!! FAK(?) :P

Cool site from München with all kinds of people! Worth a visit! Styleclicker

http://stilinberlin.blogspot.com/ streetfashion from berlin!

HEL LOOKS is selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


21. juni 2008


What to do this summer! :D

Workin next week, before im heading for Skjærgårds Music and Mission Festival the whole week after that. Its goin to be so much fun! Bought some new shoes today witch can survive the trashy rain we're blessed with these days... And a orange lovely dress wich goes perfect with my grandpas old knit jacket! Then im going up early for two more weeks before my real vecation starts.. :P Just chilling in a week. Except sunday though.. Im going to work in the church :) First week in August im vissiting dad in Stavanger.. Haven't seen his new apartment jet.. yeah, its a shame :P And then Finally, KRIK ARENA!! the second week in August, and my birthday 9. August... Donno to celebrate it or not.. any wishes of what to do?? :P Then it's just chilling until school starts.. Wanna visit me some times, the weekends is a perfect time;) just have to clean my room first.. :P

And finally my lovely nwe dress, with the shoes and grandpas old jacket... :p

19. juni 2008

to much?

2 dresses and a skirt with many belts on top! hot or not?


Here's me and my good friend Hildegunn at the left.. :P "Russen" at our school throw a "wedding" and we where told to be 80's dancers! I came up with this outfit, and I just loved it! Don't wanted to take it of :P It's a shame I can't walk around with a swimsuit every day! :P

...Its nice to think about memories from school and everybody there when it's just raining outside.. :( miss u gays! Just two months till i will se u again;) I drank a cup with hot chocolat and wipped cream earlier... it helped :-) Chocolat really are a girls best friend ;D

18. juni 2008

PAIN in shoulders,back and feet! A massage someone? (:0

Yes, thats what a cleaning job in the summer is like... :P But hey, itll turn out to money in a while(:
Have experienced som funny things even though ive only been there for like three days :P One of the pasients sang me this song while i was cleaning, a Pakistanish lovesong :P And ive had lots of breaks to smoke and drink coffee with my three associates from Poland.. Almost a shame i neither smoke or speak their language. Then again, thats maybe the reason that it was fun...Today i got to taste this homemade deliscious vårruller! :D Donno what its called in English^^ Another of my associates from Thailand had made it :P Sooo.. even if my shoulders, feet and back is a pain in the ass and I have to get up six in the morning to clean for 7 hours... It's worth the money .. (: And next week a friend of mine will join the cleaning job too, so im lookin forward :PHAVE A NICE SUMMER!
Have lots of fun even tough its raining(:!

17. juni 2008

im in love--

with my fancy pancy orange nail polish! :D

Can you believe how cheap love can be? :D I bought this realy cool orange nailpolish some time ago(only 30 NOK), and now i cant live without it! Its fresh all the time, to almost everything. And with my gorgeous orange dream car jewel, ive got a real nice outfit (:
oRanGe oN My mInD<3



The last couple of days I've figure out I wanna start bloggin' again.. :D So i came up with what I tought was a fancy name, and are goin to start writing again :) I donno why im typing english..maybe its a small hope that some pepl from another country actually would read this^^ anyways... ill soon be back to serve u some dirty neews from my fantastic life.. :D