13. juli 2008

why God accept pain..

A man went to a hair dresser to get his hair cut. While the hair cutter worked, they began to talk. They talked about lots of different things, and when they came to the theme "God", the hair dresser said: "I don't believe God exists". "Why?" asked the customer. "Because you only needs to walk out in the street to see that he do not exists. Tell me, if God existed, would there be so many sick people? Would there be so many abandoned children? If God existed there wouldn't be pain and suffering. I can't imagine a God who accept these things." The customer tought a second, but decided to not say anything. He didn't want to start a fight.
The Hair Dresser finished his work, and the customer left the shop. The second after he had left, he saw a man with long, dirty and ugly hair. He looked filthy and scabby.
Then the customer went back to the Hair Dresser and told him that there don't exist any Hair Dressers. "How can you say that?" replied the hair dresser suprised. "I'm right here, and I'm a hair dresser. I just did your hair!"
"No!" said the customer. "Because if there did, there would not be people with long, dirty and ugly hair, like the man I just saw!"
"But hair dressers EXIST! That's just what happens to them if they don't come to me!"
"That's the point!" said the customer."God exist too, and that's what happens if they don't come to talk to him and ask for his help! That's why there's so much pain and suffering in the world."

4 kommentarer:

Marita sa...

bra sammenligning! den likte eg:)

Sigrid sa...

Den va igrunn bra!
Men da forklare jo ikkje koffor folk som trur på Gud blir sjuke?

Ikkje for å kverulera!
Because I liked the story:)

malene sa...

hm, nei da e eit veldig godt poeng!
Men eg tror at det e fordi me e født med synd.. og kanskje fordi vi må gå gjennom prøvelser? Det e jo gjennom det en blir sterkere...

then again, im not an expert, i just liked the story too ;)

Sigrid sa...

Ja må bare ta da som ein utfordring=)