13. august 2008

JErry from Caribbean

spent some hours in Kvadrat( a shopping mall) in Stavanger last week, and when i was there i began to talk with a guy. His name was Jerry and he was on holiday in norway, visiting some people he had learned to know when they where in his country( can't remember wich..)
He could tell that there was some differents in our coultures. When a girl wear a baggy jeans down there, everybody thinks she's a lesbian :P And if a boy wear what we call is a normal jeans here, he is "gay" down there.. :P The normal pants for boys in his country are really big oversized jeans like the ones Eminem wears or something... :P And as we all know, norwegians seldom just talk to unknown people unless they have a really good reason or get talked to. Maybe we should take contact next time we meet some tourists, i think they would be happy for it! :)

..and if u're lucky and get to know them well,(and they're from an exotic place) u can come visit them sometime ;)

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