3. august 2008

summer in the city

how great isn’t it beein young, knowing you have ure whole life in front of you, just waited to be lived?? And the best part, only you can deside the direction and what YOU want it to contain :D Spend time on what you love, and remember life is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today! :)

Bought my glases on this pic a friday night out in Bergen with Joddlis. Only 200 NOK. They're 20 years old, designerglasses from ZNIRP. Made in W. Germany berfore the wall was broken, VINTAGE me like yes;)

5 kommentarer:

Sigrid sa...

Grattis med nye briller;D
Eg har lik sånn leopard jakka som deg:)

Anonym sa...

Coolt Malene!
Jeg digger deg :D

- Camilla

Marita sa...

digge vesko di!! sjøl om eg ikkje kan sjå den so godt.. og ja, vintage e flott:)

Marita sa...

....ooog overskrifta di, elle ka eg ska kalla den, va smashing!

malene sa...

sigrid: thanks ;)
ja sant den e rå! :D fikk den for 30 kr på HM :P

Camilla, eg digge deg og ;)

marita: Takk takk! favorittvesko mi faktisk :D fant den i kjelleren, har vert mamma si ein gang i tio :P me loves old stuff :P haha :P