9. september 2008

LIVE NOW - you're not a grown up before you dare to be childish ;)

We had so much History homeworks today... So we decided to go out. And we found a sprinkler! So there we where, dancing in the water in the dark, with no worries and way too much clothes. As we where running around, we decided to take a bath! No stormy cold autumn night could stop us:D IF you live on an island, you live on an island.. And eh, we didn't have any bathing costume nearby.., but it was dark and no people (i hope..) It was actually kind of hot :D And to end our little evening we had some ice cream which we, of course, ate outside( in a little cottage in cover for the wind). I like autumn nights :D but now the history is waiting... see yah!

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Miriam (: sa...

Hei Malene! :)
Så gøy å lese bloggen din og, stilige bilder!! :)
Ja er bra med godt KRIK miljø!
Her skal jeg følge med Malene, håper du har det bra for tiden =)
Klem Miriam