1. september 2008

What a junkie can learn me

I was in a wedding this weekend, and it was much fun:D We danced swing and chachacha all night long! The Lunde Haugsdal family is so great people and it's always fun to visit them. Monday morning I had to go to the Policestation and fix my ID to the Germanytour in three weeks:D
On the bus home, i came in contact with a man. I got an impression he was an open and nice man, and when I started to talk to him it turned out to be right! He was drug addict, but at the time he lived at a Rehab Senter in Notodden. One of the first things I was thinking about him was how social and easy he was to come in contact with. The truth was that he had big social problems and if I had turned him down and answered him adversely, he would have sit totally quiet the rest of the trip,and that was maany hours. He kept telling me about how badly he felt about all the hungry children in Africa and how he wanted to help them. He was so sad that he had no money to send to them or anything.. While I was talking to him i was eating a pice of bread with a banana. Cheap and easy. And when I was done, he's like, woow, was it good? It's really a long time since I've eaten banana. But there was no rush feelings. He also mentioned how lucky I was that could study. That I was able to use my brain and such. I started to think how unthankfull I often am. Here he sits talking about all the hungry children in africa, and how sad he is that he have to use his money on medicines. And how good a banana actually tastes! I will begin to be more thankful for all the money and oportuneties I have. I really am a lucky and blessed girl! He was a Christian too, and had many wise things to say about life and faith. I was lucky who could give him some money in the name of God :) ..And knowing he would not use them on drugs... It's always exciting to be leaded by God and be part of the Heaven. I commit it :P

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Jodlegunn sa...

Du har ei evna til å snakke med folk som ingen andre har altså!! Få folk til å sjå positivt på livet og ville forandre seg til det bedre!! Få folk til å opna seg! Har ikkje nødvendigvis så mykje med akkurat dette tilfellet å gjera, men generelt! Du e fantastisk!! LOVE U! Fortsett å vera den fantastiske begava personen du e!