22. oktober 2008

dudududu(8) Foreign Language- Anberlin :D

I'm tired of Framnes now... Feels like the only thing I do here is homework, or thinking about that I should have done some homework.. Almost every subject is graduate.. :S

But some light spots are there to! Yesterday 43 people accepted salvation and 2 got healed at my school! That actually is kind a cool :D AND this weekend its a night cup at home. So I and Elisabet are going to lead the show. OH YEEAH :P
And of course fantastic five are going to play the sh** out of the rest of the teams.. ehe.. :P

God is great people!
dreaming of the autumnvacation...

Me and Hildegunn on our way up to the sexy statue of Ole Bull. Grr

Afterwards we met MArthe og Ida and went to Hillsong Bergen. So nice!

She's just showing off.. I beat her. Easy..

Don't we just L.O.V.E the escalator!:P *RememberingTheBadManOnTheTopThatWasn'tSoBadAfterAll*
laughing... xD

And of course the crazy swede who was there the whole time, taking pics of it all..
Don't worry.. He IS normal.. It just doesn't show in this pic (;
Thanks for visiting! Much fun :)


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Elisabet (: sa...

der va jo den galne svensken óg jo^^