1. oktober 2008

it's official - I'm back! ;D

(8)Last weeks song(8)

Ich bin Norwegich und spreche nicht gut Deutch,
Icg bin Norwegisch undt spresche nicht gut Deutch!
Bitte langsam, bitte langsam,
bitte sprechen sie dorh langsam,
ich bin Norwegisch und spreche nicht gut Deutch

We sang this in the streets of Germany, and it was so much fun:D

Sleeping princesses(in plural) ;)

hoho, i'm back! :P after a loong time, i know:P Since last time i have been to Germany, and it was absolutely amazing! (I promise to post a pic of my bike later, even though i don't make promises..!) cause now im going to tell something that happend in germany..

Lovely view in Frankfurt <- BIG city

:P I had thought about cut my hair when I were down there cause there is so nice prices.. So the second last day we walked pass a very cool hairdresser. It was all yellow, and the hairdressers there was really young and trendy. And as they nearly danced when they cutted hair and were spinning their sissores around their fingers as Luky Luke spinns his guns, the hot music filled the whole room. I just HAD to get my hair done here. :P So i ordered an hour, and a half hour later a was sitting in the chair asked what i wanted to do... I had no idea, but that i wanted to do something with my hair.. The hairdresser really wanted to colour my hair and i've thought about it before.. so since i first where there at this crazy place, i just trusted this guy.. So he showd me some colours, among others a red colour.. And I were like, whatever you do. DON'T put anything red in my hair, AT ALL! He was a littlebit dissapointed, but showed my something that looked like a light brown colour i coul have as highlights... so i said yes.. So they did their thing for one hour...two hours...three hours... and finally they where done with the colour and could start to cut my hair. And i just: woow, this is red! and pointed at the highlights... And he said: no, it's not red. I promise you. Me: No, this is red.. He: No, it's not! it's orange!! Me: DOOH!

Don't think they've heard of speed limits in germany.. :P

First, he had promised to use ca two hours, now it had went three.. The clock was now half past five, and at half past six I HAD to meet the others like 20 min away with the bus, and i had NO idea when the bus leaved...) And he hadn't begin to cut my hair... :P So when he said he could recolour my hair I just had to say no :P Cause there was no time.. And at the moment i didn't care much about my hair, just how angry my teacher would get if i came to late.. aj. So there where two hairdressers cutting my hair at the same time, and i was to close to pee on me.. (That was btw not just then, but the whoole time I was sitting there..:P) So when i finally had paid and could run to the bus i couldn't stay still, i just tripped around, longed for the toilet :P And when we AT LAST arrived the school(not too late :D) mt teacher weren't even there! There was noone there to lock up the school to the holy toilet, so i ran to the wood.. And of course I sat down on some nettles(burning bushes) and burned my but! YEAH!! Beat that.. orange hair and a burned (red)but, and i was on my way to Bunter Abend(means: colourful evening)... Safe home in Norway i'm starting to getting used to my hair and my but doesn't hurt anymore.. So i just miss germany and all the lovely people a lot:)

most of the people at the top of a long stone i can't remember the history behind... :P

Just for fun i wrote this text in orange...

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Lise Marie sa...

Heyheyhey, Orange/ rødt hår er kult :'D

Tora sa...

Du kan jo ikkje fortella frisørhistorien UTEN å legga ut bilde av håret! Eg vil sjå :P

Marita sa...

hahaha. Ikkje masse som slår den historien! Men vi digge deg uansett hår- og rompefarge, Malene!;)

malene rusten sa...

hm.. jo, for det gjore jo historien ennå bedre x) Så får dåkke brukt fantasien litt ;D

Hår og rumpefarge? haha:P

Faktisk, så har eg begynt å lika da;) så jepp lise, da rulle :P

hlewagastiR sa...

Engelsk!? Dette ville korkje Aasen eller norsklæraren din likt...

Stine sa...

Hehe;) Men eg e enige me Tora, kor e bildet henne? klemklem