25. oktober 2008

Totally change of plans! And a new leather jacket

Sometimes, I have to say, I'm happy I'm a "P". An Extreme P... And for those who doesn't know what that means, it's like.. Your personality consists of four letters.. One of mine is P. You could be this letter in a very light way, or more extreme.. I would say I'm closer to extreme than light...

And now, what on earth does "P" mean?

It's like when you really don't mather if your plans is changing the minute before you should have done it.. Or you like to do things really spontaneously. OK, it's more complex than that.. But you get a little clue of what it means..

About a hour before I was going home for my long planned weekend, I change my planes and travelled to Stavanger 10 min after.. Yeah.. And I hadn't even packed my stuff... But it went good. Think Eirin's iPod saved me from the long trip, when I couldn't find my own mp3-player..(Thanks!!!!) You should have seen me, dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat it" on the ferry dock. At least I made much fun :P Happy I didn't know anybody in the area.. Heeh B-)

It's raining outside...

Today I've spent time reading a magazine at a cafè with my dad.. :D liked it very much. And.. I've bought a too expencive jacket... BUT i liked it, and i needed a new one.. AND my daddy helped me with some money.. so I just had to :P (I really don't like to buy so much clothes anymore!! Believe it or not.. I'm going sick of this shopping/throwing culture..! Throwing up this very moment. And yes, I'm not so good at it myself either, but I'm trying.. Blæh. I'm gonna be a better person! :-)


Also visited a art museum today. It was exciting and fun. And you really get exhausted by so many exprecions and feelings you get :P Want to do it more often, I like art. So cool how different persons get their own feelings of each "thing/picture/film" they see, dependent by where you are in your life, what you have experienced and are thinking about. If you let it :) It should have been a subject at school. Maybe I study it later?
Tonight I'm looking forward to a crazy smoothie and biscuit, cheese and grapes. Mmmm (:

Aii.. don't like it when my blog turns out to be a diary..

But But, it's not Only only.. (As our proud ReallyKnownNorwegianHotelPersonThatHisNameICan'tRemember says.. x)