10. november 2008

Laaaaaaaaazy Weekend!

Hm.. I have found out; I'm not good at this blog thing.. :P NEVER updates x)
Anyways.. The most laaazy weekend this autumn was lovely! I have done nothing(nearly) :P Ended school at Thursday, went to a friends house with all the girls in my class to celebrate her birhday <- much fun! Went home the day after and joined KRIK and a little visit in NATTCAFE <- haven't been there for a year! :P So it was cosy :) Saturday I was sick... blæ. I spent the whole day laying at the coatch, so when the evening came my back hurted A LOT! :P felt like an old lady x) Next day I took where out jogging just so i could strech it out again x) don't like jogging( that much) LOOOVES streching :P Oh yeah :P Sunday I spent cleaning up some old stuff I have saved since I was little. So much memories :) Of course I couldn't throw everything! So I made a box with stuff that was valuable to me x) hihi :D But guess what's waiting now... :P yeah , HOOMEWOOORK :D:D I got two tests on a row after this "long-weekend".. MEans there is no extra days of, because you have to study for this tests.. What can I say.. Looking forward allready ... :D (trying to be positive here... :P) My old dance class!! :D Backstage before a preformance x) Good old times :) <3

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Sigrid sa...

Haha, da bilde e så morsomt:)

Yrkesmesso e i slutten av november ein gong! E kje sikker på dato sjølv:-P