20. april 2009

Something amazing happend this weekend!

Me and some people got to pray for two sick people this weekend, and God did great things! They both got healed, and I've been a witness to it at! God really is alive today, and he still is doing amazing things. And I'm allowed to be a part of it!! He has so much love to give us, and I am SO exited for a life in christ! Hallelujah :P haha:P

The best part... You can join me! If you allow him, he will do great things in your life. If you dear.
"Taste, and see the Lord is good"

Soo.. this is me sharing all the good love He has for me, and that he wants to give you. I just wanted to tell you, so you at least get a chance to see what he has for you and a chance to accept. I've tried both, and I know what I have experienced is the best.. :) So.. now you know there is a better life! :D (I had a good life before christ, but with Jesus it's even better x)

Have a nice monday afternoon ((((:

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victoria elisabeth,- sa...

så herlig ! :-D drit bra!! :-) gud er god vett! :-D

utrolig søte bilder, digger dere ass! og jeg elsker stilen deres SYKT!

Elisabet (: sa...


Elisabet (: sa...


Marit sa...

God is really GOOD!

Kristin sa...

Å, det var bare helt fantastisk stilig :D

Maria Stenersen sa...

hehe, stilg kasett-smykke :D