18. mai 2009

Me like!

This post is especially for those whom are into photographing.. :) Found this amazing blog with really cool pictures! Picture I want to shout some day! :))

Check out particular the photos from May 11 :D

For the streetfashionthing I got this picture:

Sigrid(17) and Jon Einar (18) at the National Day of Norway(May 17). The dress is the local version of the National Costume(called bunad) and Jon in a nice suit. Fits the Mercedes he's driving around;) Vest is hot hot hot!

I didn't catch a photo of the mens version of the National costume, but Hello! At least I think it's hot ;) What's your opinion? Should a man wear bunad or a suit at May 17?

4 kommentarer:

Elisabet (: sa...

burde vore plikt for alle menn å bruka bunad. Berre vent til du ser biletet av den staute mannen me fant i Bergen:)!

Hilde sa...

Elsk på bunad! <3

Barbro sa...

hell yeah he should.

kristin sa...

menn i bunad er digg digg digg<3