18. juni 2008

PAIN in shoulders,back and feet! A massage someone? (:0

Yes, thats what a cleaning job in the summer is like... :P But hey, itll turn out to money in a while(:
Have experienced som funny things even though ive only been there for like three days :P One of the pasients sang me this song while i was cleaning, a Pakistanish lovesong :P And ive had lots of breaks to smoke and drink coffee with my three associates from Poland.. Almost a shame i neither smoke or speak their language. Then again, thats maybe the reason that it was fun...Today i got to taste this homemade deliscious vårruller! :D Donno what its called in English^^ Another of my associates from Thailand had made it :P Sooo.. even if my shoulders, feet and back is a pain in the ass and I have to get up six in the morning to clean for 7 hours... It's worth the money .. (: And next week a friend of mine will join the cleaning job too, so im lookin forward :PHAVE A NICE SUMMER!
Have lots of fun even tough its raining(:!

3 kommentarer:

Sigrid sa...

Så du fekk sommarjobb allikavell?:)Kor e da du jobbe egentli?

malene sa...

ja, men det va så vidt:P på sjukehuset.. :) vaske på avdeling og litt på søsterheimen;)

Sigrid sa...

Koss fekk du jobben?^^