22. juni 2008

great street fashion<3

Really cool site from london. check out -> Face Hunter

Street fashion from all over the world. Much inspiration! :) Street Pepper

Donno wich language this site is, but it's seriously cool pics in here!! FAK(?) :P

Cool site from München with all kinds of people! Worth a visit! Styleclicker

http://stilinberlin.blogspot.com/ streetfashion from berlin!

HEL LOOKS is selected street fashion from Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


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Marita sa...

since you write so nicely in english I thought I should reply in english as well:) Cool sites you've posted! Thanks:) I've visited some of them before. I love checking out street fashion on the nett (..and on the street:P), I get so inspired:) Keep up the good work, Malene! And by the way; I love your car jewelery! ..and your style in general:)