19. juni 2008


Here's me and my good friend Hildegunn at the left.. :P "Russen" at our school throw a "wedding" and we where told to be 80's dancers! I came up with this outfit, and I just loved it! Don't wanted to take it of :P It's a shame I can't walk around with a swimsuit every day! :P

...Its nice to think about memories from school and everybody there when it's just raining outside.. :( miss u gays! Just two months till i will se u again;) I drank a cup with hot chocolat and wipped cream earlier... it helped :-) Chocolat really are a girls best friend ;D

2 kommentarer:

Ida sa...

I miss you! :) Love your blogg with a lot of pictures of your pritty face.. Looking forward to seeing you in real life;P

malene sa...

i know. spesielt på ditta bilde:P
Miss u too! ka dag va da dåkke kom igjen? tordsag? Glede meg MASSE til å se deg og! Føles ut som et år sioden eg har sett dåkke!! :(